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The Baja California Peninsula is a synonym of ecological preservation because its population, one of the smallest compared to other Mecican states allows he area to remain pristine.

The civilization meets us only at its periphery.

The State of Baja California Sur has beutiful warm weather and a series of ecosystems, from the semi desert to the hot desert, which is why the vegetation is suited to dry weather, and though it's not very visible to the human eye, it has a very rich, unique and sinular ecosystem.

The simple fact of going out for walk around the desert is an event that takes us away from the civilization, back to a primitive enviroment which has barely changed in centuries.

On the other hand, the waters around the peninsula are unique for the variety of species that live there. Whale lovers can go to Magdalena Bay where yo can find the most important breeding area of the gray whale. During the winter months, its waters get some action with the birth and first flipper pings of newly-born calves, after their mothers have survived a long odyssey all the way from the Artic.

Along with the grey whales in the Pacific coast, you can also find other cetacean species, such as the blue whale, the rorqual, the sperm whale and humpback whale, all of them part of the fauna that cuts through these waters.

The Sea of Cortez is also a true prize for diving fans. It waters, full of life, are the world's natural Aquarium. Along the coastline, you may find many spots to dive in and enjoy: places like Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, located near Los Cabos, with many reefs and a shipwreck for the pleasure of Jacques Cousteau's disciples.

Another option to know the area is to know its aboundant and incredible variety of cacti, those residents of the desert which, although we tend not notice them, definitely constitute the base of a vast ecosystem.

In this case, the place to visit is Cactimundo, focused on the regeneration and preservation of species from the desert, some of them now endangered. While there, look for the dnes zone, it's totally woth the visit.

For those who love birds, there is the Estero de San Jose very near from Los Cabos, a protected area that shelters more than 150 different species; the place is very attractive because it's an authentic garden, almost a piece of rainforest, located in the middle of a semi deserted area.

Los Cabos area in general is surrounded by sectacular deserts, where the montains meet the ocean, creating one of the most attractive natural environments in the world.

Come and see the beauty of the desert by the sea.

You can take tours and enjoy some of these exciting acivities in Los Cabos:

The Canopy tour combines uncommon adventure elements with the stunning back drop of Boca de la Sierra National Park (protected by UNESCO) to create the experience of a lifetime.
Fly across a series of amazing ziplines through wide open canyons and make your way along the Burma Bridges and Commando before arriving at the Tarzan Swing with its singular ascending ziplines!
Try your hand on the climbing walls, Rappel Lines and Double Cross, then race your friends on  Tandem Zip line before landing safely back at base camp for a deserved rest with incredible views over the Boca de la Sierra National Park.

Horse Back Riding
The ride begin in the San José del Cabo Estuary, and then across the beach and by small trail surrounded by palm trees, in the afternoon you will enjoy with the beautiful sunset and you will discover the sweet side of Cabo, in the horse back ridding tour you will fall in love with Cabo.



Cabo places to visit:

Cabo San Lucas
San Jose del Cabo
Cabo pulmo

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