Belly Dance Los Cabos Graduation Festival

2009-2011 (Cigani Institute event)

The Belly Dance Graduation 2009-2011 was definetely a great success. teacher Andrea Amador took the opportunity of this event to unveil some of the most exotic dancing routines ever seen in a Cabo event including: Flamenco, Belly dance, double veil dance, candle dance, tribal dance, baton dance and baton dance among others. During the public event (which only had a cost of $50 pesos per person and lasted more or less 2 hours), the assistants enjoyed wtaching dancers from all ages including 6 years old little girls who perfom extremely diffult rutines like "candle dance", the charm & discipline shown by all of the dancer girls was impresive and reflected a lot of the hard work instituto Cigani had put into them.

Congratulation to Cigani & Andrea Amador for giving us this unforgetabble experience!

The Magnificent Seven Playing "Wonderwall" during Sabor a Cabo Food Festival 2011:




Belly Dance Los Cabos

Graduation festival 2009/2010 Cigani Institute
Saturday December 03 / 2011

LOCATION: San Jose del Cabo Theater

- Casa de la Cultura
- Instituto Cigani

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