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Mi Ensalada CaboMi Ensalada Cabo

Mi Ensalada Cabo Mi Ensalada Cabo

Mi Ensalada Cabo Mi Ensalada Cabo

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See Mi Ensalada I, Mi Ensalada II & Mi Pan in a bigger map

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Welcome to My Ensalada, Fine, delicious & healthy food made with only organic vegetables!

One word to define Mi Ensalada would be "wonderful". The breakfast , lunch or dinner are great, the salads are just lovely; peach,
mango or strawberry with vegetables, chicken breast, black beans, a delicious cup of coffe or a freshly squezeed orange juice for a wake up in a good mood.

Order the shrimps tacos for dinner, served with chips and guacamole
all a 100% natural ingredients provided from organic market on Miraflores, it is important to highlight that Mi ensalada
offers a reasonable prices & excellent plates.

Mi Ensalada welcomes you in highway 1 km 29.5 in El Zalate Condos
or in plaza misiones near to the Hotels Area in San Jose del Cabo

You can also visite "Mi Pan" which is near Ensalada I in Zalate Plaza.

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Menu 1 (part 2)
Menu 1 (part 3)
Menu 2 (part 1)
Menu 2 (part 2)
Menu 2 (part 3)
Menu 3 (part 1)
Menu 3 (part 2)
Menu 3 (part 3)
Menu 3 (part 4)




Mi Ensalada I - 29.5 Carretera Transp.
Mi Ensalada II - Pl. La mision, Blvd. Mijares
Mi Ensalada III - Entrada la Ribera, Fc. de Cabo Riviera
Mi Pan - 29.5 Carretera Transp.

Monday to Sunday 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.


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