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I considered myself a digital native, I got in contact with technology when I was 5 years old, those were the times of atari.. I remembered myself going to one of my mom's friends house and his son had an atari (one of the first gaming machines that have ever existed), he invited me to play and from that moment I discovered my love for gadgets, gaming, programing & technology. I've been in contact with everything related to digital media & tech-gadgets since that time and my love for gaming & progamming still remains intact since I was 5 years old, I could say that I was born to do this because I simply can't image myself doing something different than what I do and as I say... is there any better way of living than getting paid for doing what you like? :)

Cabo Design Studio
(my beginnings)

As many youngters now days who grew up together with technology, I've founded Cabo Design Studio when I was only 24 years old (right now I'm 29), it all started there... it all started as one of the most important desicions I had to take in my life: should I be dependent to an office's salary by doing something that I don't like or should I take a chance to risk everything by doing what I really like while starting from zero, without having a single client? well... after these years I realized that I took the right desicion... Cabo Design Studio has become the number 1 WebDesign Company in Cabo and right now we have more work than we can handle!


Cabopedia is a project we decided to create because we thought it would be very helpful for Tourism in Cabo,. each cabopedia page is designed to show tourists & visitors everything about the place they're going to visit at once, no complex multi-click structures, in Cabopedia you have it all in one place so you can show everything you have to offer in an very, very easy & intuitive way....

Thanks for being part of Cabopedia!


Jesus Santiago Mendoza


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