What is Cabopedia?

Created by locals Cabopedia will help to orient you and show the best places & sites in Cabo San Lucas & San Jose del Cabo

Cabopedia is the biggest and most comprehensive source of information in Los Cabos, the one that includes all the places and all the activities with excellents pictures and videos, a virtual place where people can rate and review what they do in Cabo and the places they visited. It is important to remark that the site will be expanding everyday with brand new content like News articles, New Reviews... And much more.

Cabopedia was born in 2011 with the objective of filling the gap between real information about Cabo and real feedback from people who actually visited the place, there may be lot of sites trying to sell you things like activities, hotels reservations, golf, fishing or something else in Cabo by describing everything with words like "excellent", "beautiful" or "magnificent"... or even worse you may find websites made from people living a thousand miles away from Cabo, who don't have any idea of what they're talking about. In Cabopedia we would like to enphazise to all of our visitors that we are locals and that we know the place. Our commitment with Cabopedia is to provide you with real and honest information for your trip.


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Marketing Director
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Co-founder & Public Relations
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Co-founder & Digital Media Engineer
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